Cigarette Smoking Is Injurious To Health Essay Question

The Effect of Smoking on Health Essay example

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The Effect of Smoking on Health

“Tobacco smoke is a complex mixture of more than 4,000 chemicals in the form of gases, particles or both. When you inhale cigarette smoke, dozens of harmful substances enter your lungs and spread through your body. They can reach your brain, heart and other organs within 10 seconds of the first puff.” (Winstanly. M et al 1995)

Tobacco is a plant which has been grown over thousands of years upon which many scientific experiments have taken place. The researchers have looked into the matter in many ways. The experiments through research have shown many results regarding the issue, whether smoking is harmless or harmful.

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“Emphysema is a disease where the lungs become inflamed and causes the airways to contract making it harder to breathe.” (Dossing, M 2001)

Further, there seems to be numerous reports and studies made by scientist and physicians, however there are arguments made by smokers who claim that most chemicals are exhaled and only little is consumed.

Smokers are at a higher risk of cancer according to a pro smoker’s website (issue 182) where it states “the magnitude of the relative risk and the numbers of lung cancers now attributed to smoking and all smokers are at very high risk” (Doll et al., 1994).

Looking at the scientific research which has been carried out, it would be sensible to say that smoking does cause lung cancer, however this can raise a question.

If smoking is the route to cancer, then why is their a minority that suffer?

The proof is to be found in many sources, however if the argument was raised, then evidence can be related to the matter that smoking causes lung cancer. On the contrary, to argue that cigarettes do not damage the health would leave implication that this is impossible.

Many anti smoking campaigners, such as the offer information related to the subject. These campaigners have established themselves due

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Harmful Effects of Tobacco Speech Essay

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Harmful Effects of Tobacco Speech
Today, I have a question for all of you “Would you mix rat poison, tar, lighter fuel, some radioactive gas some pesticide and drink all of that stuff at once?”, Your answer would probably be no because it’s obvious that all of this stuff is toxic and would result in sudden death. This is all of the stuff that cigarette smoke contains, so just wonder how harmful would cigarettes actually be. I’ll be telling you about the harmful effects of tobacco & the great harm caused by the second-hand smoke that is emitted from smoking it. I know you all must have seen it in the movies and would’ve at least thought once that smoking makes you look so cool, but believe me after you hear all about it, it’s…show more content…

It is estimated that tobacco kills almost 45,000 Canadians and millions around the world every year. This 45,000 is greater than deaths from AIDS, car accidents and murders combined. Also, about 600,000 people die every year around the world from breathing in second-hand smoke. These are people who don’t even smoke, so give it a thought, how dangerous would smoking be for the smokers. Youth and children who stay around people who smoke are 2 times more likely to take up smoking as they get older, so try to stay away from people who smoke if you don’t want to harm yourself.
Now, I’ll show you a few videos about the dangers of smoking & second-hand smoke.
I know you all might be thinking that all of these videos make a big deal out of smoking, and it’s not such a big deal after all, but that’s not true, smoking causes great harm to us and the people around us. You might think trying it isn’t going to make any difference or you think it’s just cool but all it does is harm you .By now, you all know smoking can cause great mental and physical problems for you and the people around you, so stay away from smoking and do good to yourself and the people around

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